By Chris P. Carney

‘2020 has demonstrated the increased role of technology in our daily lives. Nearly ninety percent of Americans called the internet “important” or “essential” during the coronavirus outbreak. Even before the pandemic, a greater share of small companies reported that “digital tools have helped foster innovations in their business.” As we approach the 2020 election, America’s tech sector can replicate its role supporting our economy by helping secure our electoral infrastructure, which DHS rightfully considers “a vital national interest.”

Despite the deep divisions of this current political climate, there is sincere consensus among supporters on both sides surrounding the issue of election security. Per a recent Economist/YouGov Poll, most voters agree that “both Russia and China are trying to influence the upcoming election.” Back in February, the same poll measured significant suspicion about our country’s capacity to keep elections safe; more than half of respondents said they “don’t have much confidence that the country can defend itself against foreign interference.”

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