American Edge Project Releases “Time For Innovation”

New 60 Second Ad Tells Story Of The Tremendous Lift Technology Provides

WASHINGTON, DC – The American Edge Project, a coalition of over a dozen domestic organizations, launched new advertising today promoting the benefit domestic innovation provides our society. As our nation strives to recover from a historic pandemic and ensuing economic calamity, Time for Innovation tells the story of the tremendous lift technology provides America’s economy, security and values. The new ad is the first in an ongoing series of spots that will run online in the largest media markets around the country.

“American innovation is absolutely vital for the economy at every level,” said former New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez. “According to The Bureau of Economic Analysis, in 2017, the digital economy accounted for nearly seven percent of U.S. GDP as well as more than 5.1 million American jobs. Meanwhile, more than 80 percent of small businesses are benefitting from at least one major digital platform to provide information to customers – with nearly as many using them for sales. As a former governor, I’ve seen the lift innovation can provide to local economies and it’s essential that our regulatory and policy approaches do not derail a powerful economic engine when the country needs it most.”

“I have seen firsthand just how pivotal American technology is to protecting our country’s national security interests as a former member of the U.S. House Homeland Security Committee, cyber intelligence expert, and Navy Commander,” said former U.S. Representative Chris Carney. “As countries continue to engage in the theft of American intellectual property – and as experts continue to warn about how foreign actors are attempting to interfere in our institutions – we must be sure that we do not lose the edge that U.S.-based technology companies provide to our national security.”

“American technology companies help protect and facilitate the fundamental right of openness and expression that keeps the Internet free from government censorship,” added former Federal Election Commission Chairman Bradley A. Smith. “As foreign nations around the world – countries with diametrically different values – work to spread their vision for a closed Internet, it is crucial our technology reinforces our fundamental values.”

Background: The American Edge Project is a coalition of domestic organizations representing a cross-section of U.S. innovators who are dedicated to telling the story about technology’s positive influence on America’s economy and the vital role innovation plays in our society. Former New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, former U.S. Representative Chris Carney, and former Federal Election Commission Chairman Bradley A. Smith are directors of the American Edge Project. Visit for more information.