Lexington Institute says America will lose economic and military lead without a strong domestic technology sector

Washington, DC –  The Lexington Institute, in partnership with the American Edge Project (AEP), today published a white paper (LINK) concluding that the United States must strengthen its technology sector or risk losing its status as the world’s leading economic and military power. The report, authored by defense expert Loren B. Thompson, further notes that U.S. tech touches every aspect of America’s national security, is under threat from foreign rivals, and Washington must do more to protect it.

“[Technology] determines whether the nation possesses sufficient economic resources to compete with other nations,” Thompson writes. “it impacts the quality of military equipment and training; it shapes the ability of popular culture to influence the values of other nations; it even drives socio-economic trends that are the foundation of who Americans are as a people.”

Thompson said U.S. tech needs help from Washington in five areas to stay ahead: federal monitoring, tax policy, regulatory burdens, property protection and trade policy.

“There are many nuances to technology trends and policies, but the one big conclusion is not in dispute,” Thompson concludes. “If America does not have a world-class technology sector, then its national security will be gravely diminished. Military preparedness, economic performance, and cultural influence will all suffer. In the current era, new technology denominates success, and no country that falls behind can hope to remain a first-class power.”

The American Edge Project, which partnered with the Lexington Institute on the paper, is a newly formed coalition dedicated to the proposition that American innovators are critical to U.S. economic health, national security and individual freedoms.

AEP’s National Security Advisory Board Co-Chairs Admiral James Stavridis and Frances Townsend said of the research: “America’s edge in the technology space is under threat by adversarial nations through cyberattacks, IP theft, and strategic investments. This paper underscores how vital it is that Washington enact sound policies that strengthen our domestic technology sector. Failure to act will have serious implications for our national and global security.”

To read the full set of findings and analysis from the Lexington Institute’s white paper, “Why U.S. National Security Requires a Robust, Innovative Technology Sector,” please visit here.

The American Edge Project is a newly formed coalition dedicated to the proposition that American innovators are an essential part of U.S. economic health, national security and individual freedoms. Learn more about the American Edge Project here.