Our new poll in partnership with Ipsos reveals that midterm voters’ top priorities for Congress are inflation (88%), national security (86%), and jobs (85%):

  • 88% — inflation and cost of living
  • 86% — national security
  • 85% — jobs and the economy
  • 83% — lowering gas prices
  • 82% — healthcare
  • 81% — national debt and budget deficit
  • 79% — Medicare and Social Security
  • 76% — criminal justice
  • 66% — immigration
  • 61% — women’s reproductive healthcare
  • 60% — guns

Unsurprisingly, 84% of midterm voters agree “there are other, bigger problems facing the United States, we should not be focused on breaking up U.S. tech companies right now.”

Voters are specifically concerned about the economic and national security impact of anti-innovation legislation:

Percentage of voters concerned about the impact of tech regulation on small businesses.

  • 77% are worried about overregulation that harms small businesses’ ability to access new customers and compete in a global marketplace.
  • 77% are worried about government overreach harming the U.S. economy.
  • 68% agree “breaking up U.S. tech companies won’t help small businesses be more likely to succeed.”

Percentage of voters worried we’re falling behind China in tech.

  • 76% are worried about China surpassing the U.S. as a global power.
  • 78% are worried about U.S. tech companies losing their competitive edge to Chinese technology companies.

Percentage of voters worried about the impact of tech regulation on our national security.

  • 87% are worried about cyberattacks on critical U.S. infrastructure by foreign entities.
  • 69% agree “breaking up U.S. tech companies threatens our national security by letting China gain a technological upper hand.”
  • 65% agree “breaking up U.S. tech companies puts our critical infrastructure at higher risk of being hacked.”
  • 74% agree “breaking up U.S. tech companies will only hurt America’s competitiveness on the global stage, at a time when our adversaries are becoming bolder.”

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