Seven Days, Three Stories On China’s “Whole Of Society” Effort To Beat The U.S. In Technology

Three media reports this week alone show China’s determined, “whole of society” effort to surpass the United States as the global technology leader. If Washington lawmakers don’t respond by accelerating U.S. innovation and supporting our domestic tech sector, we run the risk of surrendering our tech edge to China – and with it, geopolitical leadership. […]

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One Year After Russia’s Invasion: The Important Role U.S. Tech Companies Play in Advancing Democratic Values

February 24, 2023, marks the one-year anniversary of Russia’s unprovoked war against Ukraine. One critical lesson from this past year is that America’s technology industry not only is a vital element of our national security and prosperity, but it is also a powerful and proactive force when it comes to defending and advancing democratic values. […]

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Job One for Congress: Ensuring America Wins the Technology Innovation Race Against China

China is America’s greatest geopolitical threat. 

Consider Beijing’s efforts to undermine the U.S.-led international order, its export of authoritarianism, mercantilist economic policies, military threat to Taiwan, and human rights abuses at home. And key to China’s success in achieving its aims, and key to our stopping them, is the race for global tech supremacy. […]

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