Ad Spots Feature New Poll Findings and Personal Testimony From Arizona Small Business Owner 

WASHINGTON, DC – The American Edge Project, a coalition of nearly two dozen domestic organizations, today launched a new ad campaign highlighting the critical role American technology plays in the success of our Main Street economy. 

The first spot, “84 Percent,” highlights findings from a new poll indicating that 84 percent of Americans do not support Congress pursuing anti-innovation legislation that will destroy American jobs, weaken our national security and empower China. The second ad, Irayda, features Irayda Flores, the owner and founder of Pescadería el Puerto de Guaymas, a wholesale fish market with two locations in Phoenix and Mesa. Ms. Flores explains how her small business relies on social media online advertising to reach new customers, and digital tools and platforms to make her business more efficient.

“American technology plays a central role in securing our nation’s economic prosperity. Every day, tens of millions of entrepreneurs and small business owners rely on the products and tools created by our domestic technology sector to run their businesses efficiently and effectively,” said Doug Kelly, CEO of American Edge. “Misguided anti-innovation policies will have wide-spread negative ramifications, and the American people know it. That is why Americans want their elected officials to focus on top-of-mind issues like inflation, national security, gas prices, and health care. Now more than ever, it’s vital for leaders to strengthen our domestic technology industry and help lay the groundwork for years of economic growth and prosperity.”

Watch “84 Percent” here

Watch “Irayda Flores” here.


84 Percent

“Inflation is the worst it’s been in forty years.

“American families are struggling to make ends meet.

“But instead of controlling costs, Congress is pushing anti-innovation legislation that will destroy American jobs, weaken our national security, and empower China at our expense.

“Eighty four percent of Americans say this is the wrong agenda at the wrong time.

“Tell Congress to focus on getting inflation under control.

“Tell them to stop undercutting America’s tech innovators.”


“I started my fresh seafood business 10 years ago.

“Now we are opening our third location.

“Online technology is helping my family live the American Dream.

“My small business relies on social media to attract new customers…

…and we use online tools to run our business.

“The political campaign against American technology is a danger to small businesses like mine.

“Let’s make our technology stronger, not weaker.”


The American Edge Project is a coalition of domestic organizations representing a cross-section of U.S. innovators who are dedicated to telling the story about technology’s positive influence on America’s economy and the vital role innovation plays in our society. Former New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, former U.S. Representative Chris Carney, and former Federal Election Commission Chairman Bradley A. Smith are directors of the American Edge Project. AEP’s National Security Advisory Board is comprised of Former White House Counterterrorism and Homeland Security Advisor Frances Townsend; retired four-star General Joseph F. Dunford Jr., United States Marine Corps (USMC), who served as former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; and former Acting Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Michael J. Morell. Former U.S. Senators Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) and Kent Conrad (D-ND) serve as Co-Chairs of the Project’s Economic Advisory Board. Former U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) and former U.S. Representative Greg Walden (R-OR) serve as Co-Chairs of the Project’s Open & Accessible Internet Advisory Board. Visit for more information.